Always wanted to create your own beer?

Perfect Pint and Firebrand Brewery have teamed up to make your beer brewing dreams come true. But this isn't a small home brew kit. this will be a full brew.

How do you win this amazing prize? Beer Bingo™

How you'll spend the day

First thing in the morning meet Joe FIrebrand Head Brewer. You will then have a personal tour of the brewery and spend a day with Joe deciding the style, strength, hops and flavours that inspire you.
You will then return the following day to create your own personal brew; Joe will be at hand to help with the process this will include The Grist, The Mash, The Sparge/Boil, And Fermentation Vessel, and the best bit is at this stage you get to taste some of your young beer.
Sit down with the designers to create your own pump clip using your Name and a Beer Bingo call i.e. Andy's "Ask For More" or Lee's "Legs Eleven" this will appear at pubs across the UK.
See the bottling process that will produce your custom beers these will go on sale. Of course a few crates will go to the winner.
Finally you can come back for the beer launch!!

How to take part & win

The full rules and conditions of entry can be found on the Perfect Pint website and Download the FREE Perfect Pint app for iPhone or Android , check in a beer that you are drinking whilst 'Down the Pub'. If that beer is on the Easy, Medium or Hard Beer Bingo cards, it will be marked off on your Beer Bingo card and points awarded. Once qualified, you will have an excellent chance to win this fantastic prize. For rules and regulations, please see the below link.

Rules and Regulations

A brief history

Inspired by a drought of craft beer in Hackney - one of the most culturally vibrant areas in London - we thought it was about time Hackney had its very own brewery to provide home grown, handcrafted beers alongside the ever increasing amount of craft products being produced here. In August 2011, London Fields Brewery was born, based in the centre of Hackney, under the railway arches next to the oasis of greenery within the smoke that is London Fields itself. Now a part of a growing number of fine breweries in Hackney and London, we are proud to help spread the word of craft beer around the country and put Hackney on the map as a destination for great beer.

FIreband Brewery

Brewing runs in the family for Tom Palmer with his uncle, father and grandfather all brewers of distinction back in his native US. Tom has brought this experience and inspiration to create the bespoke and highly sought after Bootlegger series; legendary beers he has created include our American Black Ale 7%, Pumpkin Ale 7.5%, Chocolate Porter 6.6% and Double IPA.