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The Bank

8 John Street
Bristol: Central

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Tucked away in one of Bristol's many nooks and crannies is this right beauty. From the outside you could mistake it for just another city centre pub, but poke your head inside and you'll soon see there's a little more to this boozer.

Imagine you are Simon Pegg and Nick Frost casually fighting off zombie's while munching on a packet of pork scratchings. Well folks, this is your Winchester.

Throughout the year, The Bank Tavern has gigs a plenty and like many places we've featured already, this place doubles up nicely as a pre drinks hangout or all night booz-a-thon and its modest yet alluring beer garden makes this place perfect to enjoy a cider in the sun.
It's not hip hop, it's electro Prrrr**K
Details coming soon!
Details coming soon!


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  • Check-in for 50p of a pint at The Bank

    Expiry date - 21 March 2019 at 14:00

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