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Two Bridges Brewery

Two Bridges Brewery

37 Ardler Road, Caversham

07714 899770
Established in 2009, Two Bridges Brewery was founded by husband and wife Kevin and Kerri Durkan, with help from Kerri's mum. The Two Bridges are those over the Thames from Caversham to Reading. Utilizing a 2.5-barrel plant has outgrown the owner's garage and a move is planned to a larger location in Caversham.

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Two Bridges Brewery Golden Cygnet
Golden Cygnet
Type Golden / Blonde
ABV 4.8%
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Two Bridges Brewery Blond Berkshire bevy
Blond Berkshire bevy
Type Golden / Blonde
ABV 3.9%
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Two Bridges Brewery Midnight Swan
Midnight Swan
Type Porter / Stout
ABV 4.4%
Beer DetailsFollow
Two Bridges Brewery Emerald Trumpeter
Emerald Trumpeter
Type Porter / Stout
ABV 4.2%
Beer DetailsFollow